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Concept of cookies

Cookies are a type of file or device, which, once downloaded to the user’s computer, collect data that can be recovered by Renta 4 Luxembourg in order to provide a better service.

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Purpose of the use of cookies

These files are used for the following reasons:

The types of cookie used on Renta 4 Luxembourg portals:

1. According to the amount of time they remain active

2. According to their purpose

Renta 4 Luxembourg uses Google Analytics and third party cookies, for example, in order to provide a better service. At the same time, we inform you that the data collected are handled mainly for statistical purposes, such as the devices used, languages, geographical information, etc.

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Configuring cookies

In accordance with the relevant legislation, Renta 4 Luxembourg requests your permission to manage cookies. If you continue to browse the Renta 4 Luxembourg website, without denying the use of cookies, we will understand that you consent to the use of cookies. Equally, we remind you that, if you wish to change the configuration of cookies, the service provided on our website may be partially affected.

You can disable the use of cookies when deemed appropriate, in order to delete, block or disable the acceptance of cookies. You can disable this through the configuration of your browser.

We inform you that Renta 4 Luxembourg reviews its Cookies Policy annually. However, if there is a factor that requires review, it may do so more frequently.


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